Music 101: Music that Changed America

Music permeates our lives. Thanks to technology, it is always with us … via the radio, our smart phones, TV commercials, film music, even the streamed music at our local malls and favorite restaurants. Technology has made it easy for us to put music in the background. The goal of this presentation is to bring it front and center again, as music does […]

Rock 101 with Shames JCC on The Hudson

The Ark at Shames JCC on the Hudson 371 SOUTH BROADWAY, TARRYTOWN, NY

Ask fans of rock ‘n’ roll to name ten classic songs, and no two people will agree. But the discussion will be animated because rock ‘n’ roll is part of everyone’s experience. Rock 101 is a fascinating new show that explores the rock ‘n’ roll experience. In a fun, fast-paced 90 minutes, we’ll cover ten songs […]

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Memorable Musicals That Changed Broadway

Woodstock Playhouse 103 Mill Hill Rd, Woodstock, NY

Hamilton made history not long ago by receiving a grand total of 16 nominations at the Tony Awards – ultimately winning a total of 11, including Best Musical. The phenomenon is part of a long lineage of musical theater productions that capture the public's attention and reflects the culture surrounding it. Broadway combines the thrill of live music with the compelling […]